Wooden Shoe Tulip Field

Wooden Shoe Tulip Fields Festival Info

The map below shows where the tulips are planted this year and where they want the balloons to set up. The yellow box, near the

entrance designates the tethered ride area. The free flight areas are designated by the blue boxes. Crew parking will be in the gravel lot back by the steam tractors and the windmill.

The festival will only allow spectators in via timed tickets. This restriction will not apply to

balloonists — pilots and crew alike. Social distancing rules will apply around the festival grounds, while each pilot will be setting his/her own rules for crew members. Please note the additional information below regarding liability releases and red zone maps.

As in previous years the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival organizers require every passenger, crew member, pilot and balloon owner sign their waiver of liability. There are no exceptions.

Shari Gale will email forms to as many pilots as possible. She doesn’t have email addresses for everyone, so if you see someone out on the field, please ask them if they have release forms with them. If not, please share yours. Let’s make this a team effort.

Once the forms are filled out, please put them in the big mail box on the west side of the main building. The other important item is the red zone map. The Rose family owns a huge chunk of land east of the tulip fields. They are not at all balloon friendly. They do not want anyone landing on their property. There again, Shari Gale will send out maps to everyone. Please make some extra copies to take to the field with you in the event someone has forgotten theirs or did not receive one in the first place. As always, carry one map in the basket and have one in the chase vehicle.