Wooden Shoe Tulip Field

Wooden Shoe Tulip Fields Festival Info

The map below shows where the tulips are planted this year and where they want the balloons to set up. The yellow box, near the

entrance designates the tethered ride area. The free flight areas are designated by the blue boxes. Crew parking will be in the gravel lot back by the steam tractors and the windmill.

COVID-19 updates

Due to Covid-19 the Oregon Health Authority has changed rules for outdoor gatherings. This means the Tulip Festival organizers have had to change the rules the balloonists must follow in order to launch from their fields. On the following is a copy of the document the Iverson family has issued which applies to all balloonists whether they are flying for hire or just a fun flight.

Please read it carefully, and comply with the rules. Our invitation to fly during the tulip festival this year and years to come rests upon our cooperation with the rules. The Iverson family is in a tough spot. To keep the festival open, they must comply with these rules, therefore the ballooning community must follow them as well.

Here’s a quick list the changes, plus some clarification to the document wording:

Follow all the Tulip Festival requirements including the Covid-19 guidelines. This includes wearing a mask that fully covers the face and nose while on Wooden Shoe Tulip Field Property. 

No balloons can fly from the farm on Easter Sunday, April 4

All balloonists, pilots and crew, need to buy Sunrise Entry tickets on line at https://www.woodenshoe.com/events/tulip-fest/  This is how the festival organizers know how many people are on the field during that time period. This enables them to comply with state rules.

Crew and passenger vehicles will need to park in the front parking lot, so the cars do not obstruct the view of Mt. Hood for the photographers.

All crew vehicles must leave the parking lot once the balloon has launched.

No return to the filed by crew vehicles is permitted. That means pilots may not box back to the festival grounds and there will be no tailgating at the field.

However, a pilot may return their passengers to the front parking lot, and then make a U-turn to exit the property.