About Us

The Willamette Aerostat Society (WAS) is a non-profit organization for anyone interested in learning about, participating in and improving the sport of hot air ballooning. While WAS is based in Oregon’s Willamette Valley we have members from a wide geographical area. Pilots, crew and general enthusiasts are all welcome to join WAS. We are an all-volunteer organization.

General meetings are held in the early spring, late fall and winter months. Check the events page to find information on upcoming events.

Willamette Aerostat Society Mission Statement

  • To promote the sport of hot air ballooning
  • To educate new balloonists and the public
  • To embody safety in all aspects of ballooning
  • To do all we can to support and encourage landowner relations

Contact Information:

If you have questions: Send an e-mail to prez@wasballoon.info