Willamette Aerostat Society Balloon Club

Welcome to Wasballoon.info. We are a Hot Air Balloon Club located in Oregon. We have members from across the country including Oregon, Washington, Nevada, South Dakota and more. We publish a newsletter each month. The current edition can be found on the Aerostats  page. Our website recently was hacked and we are rebuilding from scratch so some things may look weird while we are updating the site. We look forward to the site being back to the normal look and feel before the site was hacked.


December 2022 AeroStats

Willamette  Aerostat Society Mission Statement:


• To promote the sport of hot air ballooning

• To educate new balloonists and the public

• To embody safety in all aspects of ballooning

• To do all we can to support and encourage land owner relations

• To support our fellow balloonists and crews personally and in our sport

Upcoming Events:   WAS Christmas Party and Elections Check the newsletter for more information. A huge thank you goes to those that have stepped up for club leadership. 


WAS Christmas Party 

Albany, Oregon